mental health resources

Our resources are created by young people for young people about issues and experiences that relate to them.

finding help: under 18

Quinn talks about ways in which a young person can seek mental health support. Quinn also offers personal coping mechanisms and distractions.

finding the right therapist for you

Emma talks about the importance of therapy and finding a therapist fitting to your needs.

Helping a friend in crisis
Here, we offer advice from personal experience about how to help a friend in a mental health crisis.
mental health as a man of colour

Ameen talks about his experience with mental health as a person of colour.


Abi and May talk about what their red flags are, and what they do when they catch their moods slipping. 

psychiatric hospitals guide
May talks about her experience of being admitted into a psychiatric hospital, offering tips and guidance.
misunderstood and misdiagnosed disorders
Rachel talks about her experience with depersonalisation and explores other misunderstood disorders.
dealing with sleep difficulties
From her experience, Amy offers advice and tools about how to sleep better.
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